Upcoming Events


February Members Mingle

A great way to connect with your “coworkers”
Drinks, snacks and good times!
Wanna host? Use the mingle to promote your work and extend the network of professionals who can help you grow.
Contact cindy@groundfloorcowork.ca

Date: 02/20/2020 3:30pm

Location: Ground Floor Coworking Space


Leaders Are Readers Book Club

We hope to see you there! Thanks to Ground Floor Member Serena Petrushevsky for organizing! If you have a suggestion for our Business Focused Book Club’s fall calendar, please contact Serena and
stay updated on our book club by subscribing to our interest list!

Date: 02/27/2020 12:00pm

Location: Ground Floor Coworking Space


Me Inc.

Venture into the life of a small business owner. During the workshop, you will investigate the world of a small business owner to see what is often required to be in business. After this workshop, you will be able to assess your fit with small business ownership.

Date: 03/11/2020 6:00pm

Location: Ground Floor Coworking Space


Small Business 101

Explore key components of a small business. This workshop highlights 14 primary considerations for a small business in an effort to reduce risk and plan for profitability.

Date: 03/25/2020 6:00pm

Location: Ground Floor Coworking Space