Inspire. Innovate. Create.

“Makerspaces are innovation accelerators. By giving our community access to emerging technology and fostering passions in STEAM, we light the pathway to people’s dreams, and enhance the culture of the place we call home.”

the possibilities

2x Prusa Mk3S+ 3d Printers | Thunder Nova 53 laser | Einscan SE Flatbed Scanner | Einstar Handheld 3d Scanner | 3x Electronics Soldering and design stations | various hand tools | 4x 3d Modelling workstations (2 monitor)

3d printing

Certification required: 30 minute session with one of our Makerspace Champions for basic use.

laser machine

Certification Required: 30-60 minute training session (time dependent on users level of experience) with one of our Makerspace Champions. Once trained THREE supervised cuts will be required to demonstrate proficiency and safety before full access is granted.

soldering & tech

Certification Required: Demonstrate that hand tools and soldering can be utilized safely and a basic understanding of scanning.


hello@groundfloorcowork.ca | 778.517.8800

We are excited to create a community of likeminded Makers. Where you can explore and create using the latest tech. To ensure a productive and safe experience for all users we require:

  • Must be 19+ to use our space without adult supervision.
  • A membership to gain access to the building. Starting at $110+tax/month this membership gives you access to both Ground Floor Coworking Space and a variety of perks, as well as 24/7 access to YXC Makerspace.
  • Demonstrated compentency with our Thunder Nova 23 Laser, 3D printers, and scanner. There is a certification process where you can be trained on this equipment, or you can challenge the certification if you are already proficient.
  • Call 778-517-8800 or email hello@groundfloorcowork.ca to book certifications or a tour

Our goal is create a supportive community of like-minded people who can use our space to breathe life into their ideas. Bringing new technology to the area gives opportunity to individuals as well as younger groups. With workshops, classes and schools we are hoping to emphasize the importance of STEAM learning and creation.