Meeting Rooms

At Ground Floor Coworking Space we offer a variety of different spaces and meeting rooms to suit all needs from professional business meetings to casual social events.

Renting from us means our assistance every step of the way. Whether you would like coffee and tea prepared before your arrival or lunch ordered on your behalf and delivered to you and your team, we’ve got you covered.

off the ground room

Open to public bookings at a cost of $40.00/hour

Seats: 24

Perks: This stunning space is our largest meeting room, boasting its own kitchenette, projector with screen, and a variety of arrangement options. It is perfect for business presentations, courses or large roundtable meetings!

Playground lounge

Open to public bookings at a cost of $25.00/hour

Seats: 4

Perks: With seating for up to four people in a wonderful lounge-like setting for those more casual meetings. With extra room to hold the AV/TV cart as well, you can easily watch webinars, training videos, or have virtual meetings in comfort and style.

ground zero room

Open to public bookings at a cost of $25.00/hour

Seats: 4

Perks: The first meeting space you see upon entering our building. Seating four people, boasting natural light with frosted glass it is the perfect place to confidentially talk strategy with your business partners or set up for your next podcast episode!

breaking ground room

Open to public bookings at a cost of $25.00/hour

Seats: 4

Perks: Seating four, this space is a tad larger than our Ground Zero room. Although it feautres a mounted whiteboard and has room to comfortably accommodate our AV/TV cart. So you can deliver those big ideas with the emphasis and enthusiasm they deserve!

The daily Grind office

The Daily Grind office is open to public bookings starting at $35

Full Day: $45

Half Day: $35

Perks: Whether you want a professional space to have a close meeting with clients or a change of scenery if you’re working from home The Daily Grind is the place to be!

Middle Ground Room

Open to public bookings at a cost of $30.00/hour

Seats: 10

Perks: Seating 10 people, with room to have an AV/TV cart for virtual meeting attendees. A professional boardroom atmosphere for all your professional business meeting needs!



This versatile space boasts the ability to host a variety of different events big or small. With an inviting open area featured around a beautiful staircase to the mezzanine it provides a unique atmosphere for everything from networking events and fundraisers to formal socials.

To find out more or book a tour call us at 778.517.8800.