Why Coworking in Cranbrook is a Bright Idea: 7 Articles to Satisfy Your Curiosity.

Google anything about Coworking and you’ll surely get lost in the pages of links dedicated to highlighting the benefits of the coworking movement. Not sure where to start? Ground Floor Coworking Space has got your back. In the spirit of coworking and collaboration we’ve rounded up some seriously convincing articles from reputable sources that validate exactly why we’re doing what we do. We’ve even highlighted our favourite unique points from each publication.

Read on to learn more and tell us what intrigues you about the benefits of coworking in the comments.


The Six Benefit of Coworking Spaces (for entrepreneurs)

A provincial organization to support small businesses offers good reasons for “ditching the couch, or coffee shop, and moving into a coworking space”:

  1. Enjoying structure – At home, there are distractions. Working away from home, at least part of the time, brings some supportive structure in to the mix.
  2. Becoming more effective – Some convincing statistics say that entrepreneurs are 64% more productive and 90% more confident in a coworking environment than going solo.
  3. Avoiding loneliness – Though you’re working on your own business, a coworking space surrounds you with like-minded people who’ve also picked an independent lifestyle.
  4. Networking – Meet new partners, colleagues or clients. Pick each others’ brains around the coffee machine. Need we say more?
  5. Flexibility – Your own rented space comes with commitments and unexpected costs. Coworking costs are clear and all inclusive, and rental terms are shorter and more flexible.
  6. Emotional Support – Going it alone can bring moments of doubt. Why not surround yourself with a support network of people who are doing the same?


Why People Thrive in Coworking Space

Researchers at a Michigan School of Business named three reasons why coworking helps people thrive:

  1. They see their work as meaningful – and it’s not just because of the type of work they do. People feel more able to be themselves when not having to fit in with a general company culture. Instead, the coworking culture tends to be one of helping each other out, while also boosting a sense of individuality.
  2. They have more job control – People can choose when to work and where, whether that means in a quiet or shared space or just back at home for a day.
  3. They feel part of a community – It’s the human element that draws many homeworkers or entrepreneurs into a workspace. Yet, socializing isn’t compulsory or forced. Aside from other people, there’s generally a community manager who knows everyone by name and profession.


Why Coworking is Hot

After studying 100 coworking spaces, researchers from the Center for Positive Organizations concluded:

  1. Coworking fosters personal growth as well as community building. Good coworking spaces also offer education, member support, plus casual and professional networking opportunities.
  2. The most successful spaces build ‘just right’ communities – ‘just right’ means newcomers can have as much or as little involvement as they want and aren’t pressured to do more.
  3. Coworking isn’t just for start-ups and freelancers – some people work for regular employers out of a coworking space, avoiding a daily commute while living where they want.


Why Coworking Spaces are Here to Stay

“It’s a natural evolution of technology.” This article is based on interviews with two coworking-space owners – one with multiple locations across the US, and one based in Ontario.

Quick summary – The world of entrepreneurs and small businesses is growing, so coworking spaces simply make sense. There are different models out there, some publicly funded and some run by companies looking to share their unused space.


Six Benefits of Coworking (With Strangers)

This short article makes four unique points among it’s list of six:

  1. Use tools on the go – If you’re working in more than one place these days, the technology is there to make it easier.
  2. Break out of your comfort zone – It might be your preference to work alone, yet others bring fresh approaches and can simply be a source of new ideas. “When you break out of your comfort zone, you’re giving yourself a chance to devise fresh solutions to existing problems.”
  3. Work at your own pace again. Begin working “out of the office” at a cowork space once or twice a week, and let clients know you’re only available on certain days. Take back control of your time and energy.
  4. Make full use of your coworking space. All those little extras you’ll see on our Features page, for example. At Ground Floor, you have access to a sound booth, mail receiving service, not to mention small business support from some of our permanent tenants.


Five Reasons Why Coworking Spaces are Great for Growing Your Business

While making similar points to other articles in our list, this Australian coworking chain adds two important benefits not stated elsewhere:

  1. Central location – You’re downtown (in a space with meeting rooms and other facilities such as a front desk and coffee shop!). Clients won’t have a hard time finding you, and you’re close to everything downtown has to offer.
  2. It promotes work-life balance – Coworking spaces provide areas for de-stressing and clearing your mind, without getting totally distracted from work. Aside from social opportunities, there are often lunchtime or evening activities that you can take or leave.


Five Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Can Be Ideal for Entrepreneurs

Well, this website is called the Balance. While this article’s first four points are benefits already named above, it’s fifth one brings some balance to the topic. Check out smart questions – some personal, some economic, and some logistical – to ask yourself before deciding if coworking is actually for you just now.

If you ‘ve already decided to give coworking a try, check out your Ground Floor options now.