Virginia Spring

REALTOR® Consultant, Relocation Specialist

Virginia Spring, brings several years’ experience with a passion for the business of Real Estate, practicing several years in Alberta and British Columbia Virginia feels privileged to introduce her clients to EXP REALTY – CANADA    

Virginia’s client-centric approach to business is grounded in a professional mandate with strong commitment to high standards, ethics and conduct in all dealings, while focusing on meeting and understanding her client’s needs, being a primary goal. 

With a dedication to providing top-notch service for her clients, Virginia strives to ensure client satisfaction.  

Integrity being a crucial element in her work, Virginia conducts business affairs honestly and ethically, instilling trust and confidence in her clients. 

Virginia’s business is built on a foundation of knowledge and experience demonstrating an expertise in her field enabling her to provide valuable insights and solutions to clients. 

Goal-oriented, Virginia assists her clients in achieving their goals involving an understanding of the client’s objectives and working collaboratively to accomplish them. 

These principles form a strong foundation for business and Virginia’s commitment to excellence, ethics and client success.