Chris Botterill

Genex Marketing

Do you get all fired up when people start talking about business and technology? Me too. The company I founded (Genex Marketing) has been a constant evolution of trying to help nearly every type of business and organization integrate technology in ways that help their brand, productivity and communications.

While I would like to summarize my passion as generally focused on “marketing” I have to admit I become totally preoccupied in how operations, personnel and products all come together to create a perfect symbiotic relationship – this is how I define an organization’s “brand”.

And why shouldn’t it be? Brand today is not as much about “telling” people who you are as it is “how they really perceive” you based on what you’re doing. That said, if we can integrate new technology into a business’ operations that improves efficiency that strengthens the perception that they really “have it together” then that is what we will do.

On the other hand there is nothing more rewarding that creating a complex marketing campaign that we can track ROI right down to the last penny. If you get all excited thinking about this stuff then we need to talk!