Earth Day 2019

Earth Day just happens to fall on a holiday this year, so we won’t ask you to come to work, but in the spirit of environmental consciousness, we thought of some ways that working in a coworking space can help the planet.

Our society has shifted into an era of the sharing economy, which can be summed up as sharing the benefits, and sharing the costs with others (think AirBnB or Uber). Coworking spaces are the perfect example of sharing. Not only do members share space, but also the use of utilities, connectivity expenses, and the cost of paper and toner, to name a few. This will keep your hard-earned money in your pocket, and also reduces the amount of resources used. There is also a post on the Ground Floor Blog about sharing economy that can be found Here.

Cut out the cardboard to-go cup and grab a coffee once you are at the office. We make a fresh pot every day. You may even shave a few minutes off your commute time by avoiding the long line ups. You can also replace the daily take-out or quick-grab lunch and pack your own favourite snack instead. We have a community fridge that will keep it fresh until you are ready to take a break. We even supply the dishes for that home-prepared feel. The best part of all? You don’t even have to wash your own dishes after! Ground Floor has an energy efficient dishwasher (don’t worry, we only run it once a day when it is full).

With the central, easily commutable location of Ground Floor Coworking Space, there are many Earth-conscious options for getting to work. You can take the bus or carpool with some friends if driving is your most preferred option. If you are feeling more adventurous, try digging out that old bike that has been itching to escape the dusty shed all winter, or strap on your walking shoes and enjoy the fresh air!

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