Ground Floor Coworking Space is seeking an engaging, entrepreneurial, and outgoing individual to join our team as the Makerspace Coordinator.  We need an organized and effective networker to develop and expand our maker community in Cranbrook through outreach, communication, and enthusiastic promotion.

The Makerspace Coordinator is primarily a liaison and program development/delivery role, working with external partners and stakeholders, as well as supporting a growing community of makers.  While technical experience in this role is less of a priority, you should have some experience and interest in some key makerspace elements, such as design, 3D printing, or other creative production skills.

YXC Makerspace Coordinator Job Scope:

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Connecting with and presenting to community groups, youth-oriented organizations, hobby groups, industry partners, and other key stakeholders,
  • Conducting YXC Makerspace tours and soliciting feedback on programs,
  • Collaborating with our Marketing Coordinator on content and campaigns.

Program Development & Delivery

  • Collaborating with YXC Makerspace Resident Makers, industry leaders, educators, and leaders of other makerspace facilities to develop and deliver programming for diverse users across various areas of interest,
  • Coordinating and organizing group bookings, tours, and events at YXC Makerspace.

Makerspace Operations & Support

  • Help to monitor inventory levels and order materials and supplies as needed,
  • Help to develop and maintain operating manuals, safe operating guidelines, and maintenance records,
  • Respond to inquiries and support requests, directing users to the most appropriate support for their needs,

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Post-secondary education (completed or enrolled) or at least 2 years of experience in business, education, communications or marketing,
  • Recent applied experience building stakeholder relationships,
  • Recent applied experience managing events.

Preferred / Desired Skills:

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the regional technology and youth sector
  • Strong oral and written communication skills and the ability to maintain a positive, collaborative working relationships with faculty, staff, students, parents and administration
  • Administration, operations or customer service experience
  • Professional experience with Creativity, digital design, and/or videography
  • Applied experience in STEM areas such as, engineering design, engineering and technology, additive and subtractive manufacturing, computer science and design-thinking.
  • Prior successful experience managing and motivating people, including youth.
  • Experience in instructional technology, instructional design or educational technology.
  • Experience using technology and STEAM lab equipment;
  • Experience with G-Suite for Education Apps.
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to balance priorities and meet deadlines.

Remuneration and Working Conditions

  • The YXC Makerspace Coordinator will work collaboratively with each Resident Maker and report to the Ground Floor Coworking Space General Manager and Community Manager.
  • Base hourly rate of $25.00 ($30.00 evenings & weekends)
  • Approximately 20 hours per week, including some evening and weekend commitments
  • We value work life balance.
  • You will have some ability to manage your weekly schedule.

Please email a brief Cover Letter & Resume to:

Ground Floor Coworking Space is looking for tech-savvy “people persons to join our team on a casual basis as YXC Makerspace Resident Makers.  We need collaborative and engaging people to work with volunteers, members, and other stakeholders as we develop and integrate a new YXC Makerspace community into the thriving Ground Floor Coworking Space.

As a Resident Maker, you would be an integral member of our community, contributing your time, skills and experience working with other makers who are seeking to develop their skills.  Your responsibilities will depend on the programming that you source, develop and/or deliver. Likely responsibilities include providing one-to-one mentorship, coaching and/or  workshop facilitation. This is a dynamic and evolving work environment, requiring creative and organized team players with entrepreneurial, “get it done” attitudes.

Resident Maker Job Scope:

With support from the rest of the Ground Floor and YXC Makerspace staff, Resident Makers will assist with:

  • Teaching/Coaching/Mentoring
    • Identify and source new program and workshop material from partner organizations for delivery in the makerspace,
    • Host school classes and other youth-oriented organizations, such as Scouts or Guides, on field trips or in workshops,
    • Demonstrate STEAM related applications of the computers, equipment, and tools to users of all ages and skill levels,
    • Assist individual users to learn or further develop skills in a variety of design, programming, fabrication, and prototyping applications,
    • Maintain relationships with local organizations and businesses who are or may become champions of the makerspace,
    • Encourage and coordinate a group of “volunteer makers”, people who are excited about making and willing to donate their time and effort to grow the maker community.
  • Maintenance, Operations & Safety
    • Continuously develop, implement and exercise maintenance and safe operating procedures for the makerspace,
    • Monitor inventory levels of first aid supplies and consumable materials,
    • Ensure the safe operation of equipment by users and that users maintain clean and safe work areas,
    • Identify opportunities to add new or novel equipment to the makerspace.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent independence and time management skills,
  • Innovative with the capacity to learn and develop new skills,
  • Ability to identify and build partner relationships by working with individuals and groups,
  • Experience teaching, coaching, or mentoring others, either in formal or informal environments,
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills,
  • Experience and a consistent curiosity to explore STEAM areas such as design, fabrication, additive and subtractive manufacturing, programming, electronics, and robotics, both software and hardware,
  • Experience troubleshooting technical equipment.

Preferred / Desired Skills:

  • Direct experience with CAD design tools, such as TinkerCAD, AutoCAD, or Fusion 360,
  • Direct and formal experience teaching or coaching others in STEAM applications,
  • Direct experience with any of the following:
    • 3D printers (YXC Makerspace uses the Prusa i3 MK3S),
    • 3D scanners,
    • Lego Robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.,
    • Lasers

Remuneration and Working Conditions:

  • Each Resident Maker will work collaboratively with the YXC Makerspace Coordinator and report to the Ground Floor Coworking Space General Manager and Community Manager.
  • Base hourly rate of $25.00 ($30.00 evenings & weekends)
  • Hours per week will vary based on your desired workload and demand
  • We value work life balance.
  • You will have some ability to manage your weekly schedule.

Please email a brief Cover Letter & Resume to: