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SEO What?

SEO What?

If you have a website, no doubt you get occasional emails landing in your inbox from random strangers, telling you how badly your website scores on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Then, they offer to help you get to the first page on Google searches. Or something like that.

They may be right about your website. It’s just that they’re spamming you about it. Plus, the chances are their results, if there are any, will be less than stellar.

The fact is, though, having a great website is only the first step if you want to get more customers, better clients, or qualified leads. So, as a business that can help our clients build their revenue through a combination of all the above, we hate that talking to you about investing in SEO can sometimes push that spam jargon button.

How are we different from the spammers (other than not spamming you)? Well, it’s easy for you to keep us accountable for results. Your client dashboard gives real-time insights into all activity for any given campaign. You’ll be able to see keyword performance and rankings, page performance, lead tracking, SEO audits, business insights, reporting and more. And yes, we’ll explain what all that means!

Everything we work on for a campaign is visible and accountable, making sure you see that all important return on your investment.

SEO is about activating your website

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s all about the process of gaining website traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial,” or “natural” search results on sites like Google or Bing.

There are many aspects to SEO, from the copy on your page to the way other websites link to yours, but SEO isn't just about building search-engine friendly websites - content is also crucial. As well as optimizing the content within your website, this can include producing regular content by writing a blog, producing informational videos, distributing press releases, writing guest blog posts, and more. You’ll greatly improve your chances to earn top rankings if you regularly craft interesting, relevant, and engaging content that addresses searchers' needs.

Experience has shown that traffic driven from search engines can greatly impact an organization's success. Targeted traffic to your website can provide publicity, increased revenue, and exposure like no other channel of marketing. For these reasons, investing in SEO can have an amazing rate of return compared to traditional types of marketing and promotion.

We do understand the resistance you may have. It’s easy to think that it should be enough to have a great website and some great content, and maybe being active on social media. So, maybe it’s a monthly expense you don’t think you need. I sometimes think people see SEO as the website equivalent of an extended warranty - you only need it if the product breaks, and isn’t it supposed to just work, anyway?

It would be closer to the truth, though, to think of SEO as an enabler for your website. The most beautiful and feature rich website in the world is useless if people can’t find it. SE

O is that tool that will help get you found and bring you those qualified leads, converting them into customers.

And my company, Sundock, isn’t just about SEO. Making functional, beautiful websites for our clients is another key part of what we do. Most importantly we dive into discovery, taking great care to consult with our clients first so we know their business and audience inside and out. Then we’re ready to start our journey working closely together.

We also work with talented local photographers for those times when stock photos just won’t cut it (which is most of the time) and a content/copywriter to properly tell your story or sell your mission. Behind the scenes, we also work with some of the best developers around who work like machines to put it all together. Need help with Social Media, or Facebook Ads? Twitter? Strategy? We do that too.

If you’d like to know more about how Sundock can help you with our monthly SEO plans, paid advertising, or social media marketing we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a Ground Floor Member, ask about a 50% discount on a full SEO audit report of your website.

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