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Happy Coworking Day >>> This week’s on us!

Happy Coworking Day >>> This week’s on us!

Our motto is Share Space, Create Opportunity. With that in mind, we recently grabbed the opportunity to become member of the Coworking BC Society. Read on to find out how that might benefit you.

Plus, in the week of International Coworking Day (yes, there really is such a thing, and you can read below about why it’s August 9th!) we’re also opening our doors all week and giving you a chance to win a membership here at the Ground Floor Coworking Space.

We Joined the Coworking BC Society!

The Coworking BC Society, based in Vancouver, aims to support and increase the use of the province’s growing number of coworking spaces. We’re especially excited to be part of their Passport Program, which allows traveling coworkers to experience a day at each participating space across the province.

Currently on offer at $50, a single passport lets you spend a full working day at all 20 or more of their passport member coworking spaces. What this means for us, and for you if you’re spending time at Ground Floor, is that we’re on the radar of passport holders across the region. Holders can now drop in and try our space for a day, whether they’re in town purely on business, as part of an extended vacation, or exploring the area’s sights and activities as part of their digital nomad lifestyle. Who knows who you might bump into?

Over the next few months then, stock up on business cards and don’t be shy about introducing yourself. That new person you see at reception might just be a dream customer, employee, or networking contact for your business.

Coworking - How it All Started

It’s International Coworking day on August 9th. Hey, if moustaches get a whole month in Movember, surely coworking is worth a day. Since 2005, the modern movement has transformed the way many people work. Aside from the logistical benefits of shared spaces, it has encouraged a range of collaborative coworking styles that drive creativity, learning, and change. Check out our Facebook feed if you want to get a taste of what’s happening out there in the coworking world. Coworking spaces are the go-to venues of entrepreneurs looking to make a difference.

It all began with an invitation, on August 9, 2005 - one that we‘re extending to you this week. This original invitation to work together in a shared space was from Brad Neuberg, a freelance coder in San Francisco who was finding that he missed the advantages of working in a company with others. Does that resonate?

Back then, the space he rented twice a week could only fit eight people. Being San Fran, they started each day with a group check-in and a grounding meditation. Even good things take time to catch on, of course. According to Neuberg, it was a whole month before anyone showed up. But when people did come, he encouraged them open-source style to take his coworking idea to other places and get creative with it. This collaborative style of working is what he had in mind, and now here we are, Cranbrook’s brand new coworking space looking to nurture the spirit and creativity of local entrepreneurs.

Free Coworking Week Aug 7 - 10th

We’d love you to join us, then, in the week that is the 13th anniversary of Brad Neuberg’s invitation to cowork. Meet some of our members and visiting coworkers. Enjoy free refreshments, use our super fast wifi. Bring your colleagues, rearrange some of your meetings to here. Give yourself permission to do things a little differently this week.

and a Coworking Day Giveaway!

Check out our Instagram to enter our online giveaway! One lucky follower will win a $57 one month Express Membership to the Ground Floor. Follow us on Facebook AND join our social event on Thursday 9th where we’ll be giving away a $357 one month Dedicated Desk membership. For more details of this offer, join us for a week of free coworking, and be here between 4 and 6 pm Thursday for your chance to win!

International Coworking Day Social - Thursday Aug 9th, 4-6pm. The beer and wings are on us!

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