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Member Network

Learn about the rest of the Ground Floor community and let other members find you. Choose to make your member profile public and you can let the general public see your professional profile and services.

Our sophisticated search feature allows you to easily filter member directory listings by any content in the profile of another member as well as any of the selected skill tags.

Connect with the Ground Floor Community on our virtual community board.

By far the most valuable perk to Ground Floor membership, the online community board is the pulse of our coworking space. Start discussion threads or participate in existing threads from within your online member network account. Never miss an opportunity to connect with other members, identify members who could benefit from your services - the sky’s the limit when it comes to making connections on our virtual community board!

Don’t want to be a part of the online member network? Our opt-in system makes sure that only members who want to join get notifications. PLUS when you do join you only get notified about threads you are interested in. You can follow, like or mute individual threads. You can also create discussion groups to keep the board organized and private messages for internal discussions.

Need support from our team? It’s easier than ever to report problems in our space and get them solved quickly and efficiently. We’ll even keep you up to date on the resolution of each issue.

Our Ground Floor Community Manager will keep you up to date on EVERYTHING happening at the Ground Floor without flooding your inbox and the best part is the online member network is fully integrated and accessible in our Ground Floor cowork app.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the province of British Columbia. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the province of British Columbia.