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Harvard Business Review

The growth of coworking and surveys of coworkers demonstrate that given the choice, people will choose workspaces that support their digital style while giving them access to new knowledge, exposing them to different kinds of expertise, and accelerating their learning.

Why Choose Ground Floor?

  • Collaborate with others, cultivate partnerships: co-create a business community that works for you
  • Make networking easy - in our coworking space, it’s second nature
  • Work in a modern, friendly, supportive atmosphere rather than in isolation (or the corner of a coffee shop)
  • Book meeting rooms with our app, record your podcasts, or take skype calls in our sound booth
  • Offer or attend workshops, presentations, and events
  • Avoid distractions at home, find a work/life balance that keeps you focused and flexible

Ground Floor Coworking Space Has Shared Space for the East Kootenays and beyond; Cranbrook, Kimberley, Invermere, Golden and Fernie, BC Businesses

Even if you are not local to Cranbrook, Ground Floor Coworking Space offers a fantastic opportunity for local regional businesses in the East Kootenay’s to take advantage of this awesome coworking environment. Are you located in or around Invermere, Kimberley, Fernie, Radium or Golden, BC and are currently working from home or out of the local coffee shop? Or visiting us from farther afield like Calgary or Vanvouver and beyond? Growing numbers of people are choosing to become self-employed, removing themselves from the grind of the 9-5 workforce. Unfortunately, this also has the effect of inadvertently removing the cross-fertilization of ideas and inspiration which work colleagues can bring.

Shared Office Space Could Make a Difference

We offer a selection of modern, high-quality, shared coworking space that offers the perfect combination of individual space to get your tasks done, at the same time as providing opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals. If you value the opportunity for collaborative working, exchanging ideas or simply enjoying some company during the day, coworking space could be the perfect option.

Coworking Space That Gives You a Great Working Environment

In addition to the benefits which working with other small- and medium-sized enterprises can bring, our coworking space also offers a good selection of facilities which can make your working life easier and more productive. Meeting rooms and refreshment facilities make it easier to entertain visitors or clients; communal space and office space offers an excellent blend of traditional and organic working spaces. Concierge services and cutting-edge technology ensure that your surroundings are always in pristine condition and have the tools you need for effective communication across a range of mediums.

Kimberley, Fernie, Golden, Radium and Invermere business, take advantage of BC Office Accommodation from Ground Floor Coworking Space

Conveniently located for business owners and self-employed individuals across the East Kootenays BC, we offer an innovative, dynamic space where smaller enterprises can work together for mutual benefit as well as achieve their objectives. To schedule a visit, or find out more, call us at (778) 517-8800.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the province of British Columbia. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the province of British Columbia.