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Brad Neuberg

First person to use the term "Coworking" and founder of first coworking space

Traditionally, society forces us to choose between working at home for ourselves or working at an office for a company. If we work at a traditional 9 to 5 company job, we get community and structure, but lose freedom and the ability to control our own lives. If we work for ourselves at home, we gain independence but suffer loneliness and bad habits from not being surrounded by a work community. Coworking is a solution to this problem.

Why Choose Ground Floor?

  • Collaborate with others, cultivate partnerships: co-create a business community that works for you
  • Make networking easy - in our coworking space, it’s second nature
  • Work in a modern, friendly, supportive atmosphere rather than in isolation (or the corner of a coffee shop)
  • Book meeting rooms with our app, record your podcasts, or take skype calls in our sound booth
  • Offer or attend workshops, presentations, and events
  • Avoid distractions at home, find a work/life balance that keeps you focused and flexible